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I was reading my daily blogs, and saw your post on Bro. Waynes, so I thought I’d go ahead and send you a quick report on the “Our Generation Kids” Sunday School class.

Some exciting things have happened over the past few weeks, and I really feel that God has touched the hearts of our kids, and how enthusiastic are they!

On the fourth, we went to the Coffey’s house, and I was pushing Emilee on the swing, when out of nowhere she said “Mrs. Holly, I know my Bible verse for this week already” so I put her to the test. Sure enough, she spouted off Ephesians 6:1 with perfection. She then added “That is my favorite verse, because God loves it, and my mom and dad love it, and Im going to say it EVERYDAY to make them happy” She even said it helps her to be good! Haha, Im sure Mark and Amy are as happy as I am (probably more!)

On Sunday, Natasha taught a wonderful message on Ruth finding favor in the sight of Boaz, and how God provided. We played a game called “Gleaning in the Field” that was a big hit! The kids have really gotten a hold of things, and are asking questions, ANSWERING questions, and participating like never before. I have always said it is so neat that our four year olds can tell you about nearly a dozen Missionaries around the world, and pray for them daily. God is raising up a generation of Missionaries, Pastors, and Godly Women, and He is allowing me to look on from the early stages. I cant wait until the day we have a blessing service for some of the kids in our class. My heart is Overjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

Holly C. Pearson

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  1. I am so proud of everyone of you and the way that you work to get the gospel to the children. Thank you Holly for your dedication. Thank you for praying, working, teaching, and serving so that God can use you. I hope that you will have great success also in our Vacation Bible School and that we will see many children come to Christ and to our church. Thank you and Andrew for everything you do in your giving, your praying, your faithful attendance and the way you encourage me and all the others of our church with your kindness.

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