Can Selfish be a Personality?

This was written today by Micah, a student who has grown a ton since he first arrived here 4 weeks ago:

“The Lord has used this trip to help me to overcome my fear of speaking to people. I realized that I was being selfish. I wouldn’t talk to people about Jesus Christ because I didn’t really care about them. This trip has opened my eyes about the lack of knowledge people have and the hopelessness their religion gives them concerning their eternity. They are so dedicated to a false god who will not help them. This convicted me because I have the truth and yet I will not share. Also that I worship the true God and I will not do what he says when he tells us to share the gospel to all nations and peoples. I have decided to be more dedicated to my Saviour than they are to their god.”

I thought that his thoughts are mirrored in many peoples life’s including my own. Let’s stop being selfish with the gospel and blaming it on our personality, location, or whatever else. Micah is going back to the US to immediately begin to prepare himself for full-time ministry at the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA! Praise the Lord!

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