Last service for a while

Well in just a few minutes I will be able to preach to the Northwest Baptist Church people where Travis Snode is the pastor. Then Betty and I will head to our Bed and Breakfast for a short night of sleep.

We will be up at 3 am getting ready to leave for the airport in Belfast at 4 am and then on to London and arriving in Atlanta, Lord willing at about 4:30 pm. From there we will run like crazy and try to make it to the service at Vision though I will not be preaching. Then I pray to get a good night’s sleep and be at work on Friday teaching classes to missionaries and missionary students.

I have really had a good time here. Travis and Teri are wonderful people and God is going to use them in a great way. They are about to really take off as a church. I want you to pray for them as they risk it all and go for broke seeing what God is going to do. Please pray for them. Pray for us as when we leave it will be about 11 pm today for you and we will not be back in the states until 4:30 pm tomorrow so it is going to be a rough night but well worth it.

Well I can’t wait for Sunday to see all that God is going to do with us. God bless you. We love you and can’t wait to see each of you.

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1 thought on “Last service for a while”

  1. I know I have missed you and Mrs. Betty DESPERATELY. Thursdays are no the same with you and your “comments” and I always missed my Betty-hugs. There is none like them. I envy everyone else as they get to see you Sunday and I have to wait till next Thursday. Well see ya then,
    your favorite Thursday only member,

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