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Starting this Sunday, we will have a blog posted for Faith Friends by Sarah Intidam. This is her first blog. Sarah is one of the older kids in Faith Friends and a very smart and talented girl. I know God has great plans for her. Sarah will give updates on what we are doing here in Faith Friends and will include some interviews of missionaries, coverage of activities, etc…

Welcome to Faith Friends!! I want to tell you about all the things coming up in Faith Friends and what we do in it:

Every month we have a contest to raise money for missionaries Vision Baptist Church supports!!!! What we do is, we have a pig named Hamlet, and we put money in him until we reach a certain amount of money! Last month we raised 10 pounds of change for the missionaries!! And, when we raise the money, we get a prize!! This month we are want to raise 10 pounds; and if we get there we get a pizza and ice cream sundae party. So bring your extra change!!

Also we have VBS (vacation bible school) coming up in a couple of weeks so try an invite as many friends or family to come!!!! There will be classes for each grade girls and each grade boys!!

Kids – invite people to church even if they aren’t in your youth group!!! Our #1 philosophy here at Vision Baptist Church is to lead as many people to the Lord as we can!! And how can we do that if we dont get anyone new here? If you need them, we have tracks to hand out at the Welcome Center at the front of the church! ~ Sarah Intidam

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