A toe stomping message from Mark Tolson

Kids really learn quick. Here is a really funny story that happened on Thursday night. Many of you know Luke Coffey; well he was sitting in the last row by himself with his mother’s purse as she was in the choir and his father was in the sound booth. It was offering time and as the plate was passed by Luke reached into his mother’s purse and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill and dropped them both into the offering plate as it went by. Now we know his parents are good givers but I don’t think that was meant to happen. One of the usher saw what happened and we returned the money. But it is really amazing to see how kids are watching and imitating exactly what we do. So here is the question…would your kid of done the same thing? Or not because he has never seen you do it. Ooouch, didn’t mean to turn a funny story into a toe stomping.

Be sure and check out the source of this story from our own Mark Tolson

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