Stranded at Gatwick

Well here we sit stranded at the Gatwick airport. I do not know how this will affect Travis Snode and their anniversary service that I was supposed to preach. I am afraid that it will be almost impossible for me to make it there. We are supposed to leave London at 7 and arrive in Belfast at 8:30 am. That would mean that about the best we could ever hope to do is to be at the church by 10 without a bath or change of clothes.

I have written an email to Travis but I have still not heard anything from him. This trip as really turned interesting in the last few hours. It is now nearly 1 in the morning. They have given us about $70 in vouchers to spend but nothing is open. They have not given us a hotel and so this is going to be one of those good ones. All you can do is trust the Lord that nothing surprises Him and that He is working in our lives even in these inconveniences.

I hardly ever miss a service and will do all in my power to arrive tomorrow but I don’t know if it is going to work out or not. I will keep you posted especially since I will not be sleeping it seems.

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