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The following just came in from one of our missionaries in China. J is a brand new missionary just learning the language and already trying to get people the gospel. I think that you will enjoy reading this:

We just had our second Bible study tonight. Pretty exciting, except that it was in English. A lot of our best contacts are out on a 10-day internship on a mountain collecting rock samples and catching snakes (they’re biology majors, like that somehow explains it), but I think we had like 25 or 26 people here tonight again. Probably an hour or so of conversations after we got done. Three students made professions of faith, two girls and a guy. Please pray for them – T***, L****, and B*** – as they begin their
life in Christ.

I talked for a long time to a guy named A***. One of the most amazing conversations I’ve ever had, even though it was in A****’s second language. He’s leaving for Miami for his master’s degree in a couple months. He really wanted to understand everything about salvation – the how, the when, the why, the what, etc. He repeated back to me everything to double check that he knew how to become a Christian. He said that he’s wondered about eternity for a long time and he’s wanted to study the Bible, but didn’t know how he could. He asked me if I believed in destiny and whether or not God had appointed him to be here tonight. We’re supposed to start studying the Bible together Sunday, so pray for his salvation!

On a darker note, I met this “missionary” at an English corner that teaches at a university here. Hardcore “incarnational” dude. Been here three years. Scared to death. Wouldn’t look me in the eyes, didn’t want to talk about why he was here, wouldn’t say any words like Bible, Christian, church, God, Jesus, etc. I’m supposed to meet with his “leader” on Saturday. They supposedly have 15 teachers here in the city. They work with the Three Self Churches. Whatever. None of his students know he’s a Christian after 3 years. Good plan, Stan.

Thanks for praying, we needed it tonight…


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