Well Betty and I are in the Gatwick Airport in London waiting on our flight to Belfast to meet our friend and missionary Travis Snode. We were scheduled to be there at 9:30 but we are waiting to see if the plane gets here by 10:30. They say that we will definitely be going but who knows when we will leave and who knows when we will get there.

I am excited to have this opportunity to be with the Snodes and hope that you will pray for me as well as for them. You can keep up with their church by subscribing to their blog by clicking here

I was very blessed to be with Aaron and J. I will write more in a little bit but the truth is that God is greatly using them. Those who know Aaron know that he is very talented and it was amazing to see how well he is learning Arabic. I am so very proud of them and the way God is using them.

I will be with Travis Snode tomorrow for church Lord willing and then be arriving back in Georgia and be at our church this Thursday night. I was so grateful to God to hear about the great attendance this past Wednesday night and the good work that all of you are doing.

I am praying for the services tomorrow and know that God is going to bless

I will be writing more and getting you up to date on what happened while I was in Morocco.

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