Costs too much!

Well I just read this and thought it was interesting enough to give it to you. Let me know what you think by commenting on this post:

On June 2, 1980 a little girl was born. She cost money from the moment she was born. As she grew from babyhood to girlhood, she cost even more. Her dresses and shoes were more expensive as well as the doctors for all those childhood diseases. She was even more expensive during her school and teen years. She needed long dresses to go to parties. When she went to college, it was discovered that all college expenses are not listed in the catalog. Then after graduation she fell in love and married. She had a church wedding, and that too, cost a lot of money. Then, five months after her marriage she suddenly sickened and within a week she was dead. She has not cost a penny since the day the parents walked away from her grave.

As long as the church is alive she will cost money, and the more alive a church is, the more money she will cost. Only a dead church is no longer expensive!

Think about this next time you criticize a church who you think is spending too much on, fill in the blank.

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1 thought on “Costs too much!”

  1. Great comments. Living things cost, but they also return. No doubt the girl brought many people a lot of happy moments and memories. I just got done sending an email to a friend of mine who invited me to church 25 years ago. I enjoyed it so much i ended up joining and spent 23 years there.

    Thank God that we can recieve such blessings for mere money.

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