Pray for Betty

These trips are never by any means slow and easy trips. We were so glad to see our friends, Aaron, Jillian, Cesar, and Mariet last night. We were very tired from the long trip but we ended up staying up until after 2 their time getting settled in and talking to everyone. I am used to this hard schedule on trips but Betty isn’t so pray for her that she can keep up and get enough rest.

She is my best friend. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have her with me. It is not the same. Anyone that knows me well knows that I had to travel. I do not like the unfamiliar. I do not like being locked up in an uncomfortable seat for hours but most of all I always hate leaving home. When Betty comes with me then home is with me and so it is much more bearable.

The sun was up by before 5 or at least it was good and light outside. Right now I am stealing every minute that I can to get caught up on the computer which I will not be able to do.

I have emails to answer. I have devotions that I typed up for 2 days and I think that I have lost them. I will be teaching 4 hours later on today and so I want to get ready for that. So needless to say this is going to be an exciting but very full day.

I hope that you will visit and pray like never before and see to it that we have visitors for this Thursday night and Sunday. I hope that you will start now inviting people for our VBS that is coming up in just a few days.

God bless you. Keep praying for us.

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1 thought on “Pray for Betty”

  1. Glad to know you made it safe. We are praying that the time will be fruitful. We are dealing with our envy. We love you and Betty alot.

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