We are in Tanger, Morocco!

Well Betty and I arrived first in London this morning at about 8 AM London time. Then we arrived in Malaga, Spain at 4 pm Spanish time and were met by our friends, Tyler and Gretchen Masters. From there we traveled to Algeciras, Spain where we took the ferry across the Mediterranean to the city of Tanger, Morocco where some more of our friends live.

It has been a wonderful time of fellowship and seeing already the things that God is doing. We met a young Moroccan pastor who gave a beautiful testimony of salvation. We saw another friend, Keith Shumaker, from Burkina Faso who is here visiting. The internet connection is horrible but I hope to stay in touch with you. I know that God is going to bless each of you and I ask you to be praying for our friends here who are trying to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to a people who have never heard the truth about Him. They may know His name but have no idea who He really is or what He could do in their lives.

I will write more tomorrow from another city after Betty and I get some sleep after traveling for well over 24 hours.

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