North Africa Update

Well, I apoligize for not updating ya’ll recently but we’ve all been extremely busy and this trip has been very exciting. 

 We’ve had some amazing (tourist) opportunities like going to the third largest Mosque in the world, ride camels, and go to Berber markets.  To see the mosque was very emotional.  As many as 120,000 Moroccans go to the mosque to pray at one time.  Please pray that God would call more laborers to this area of the world.

 Over the last several days we have had time to make contacts, build relationships, and begin to share the message of Christ with several Moroccans.  I ask that you PLEASE PRAY for them by name: Elkia, Hisham, Whorda, Adnan, Khalid (3 by this name), Mohammed (3 by this name), Yesin, Marwan (2 by this name), Loubna, Paoula, Fatima, Zohra, Rajae, Najat, Amal, Zainab, Hicham, Younes.  Please pray that God would give us a door of utterance with these people and others.  Most of them are Moslems but are willing to talk and even be friends.  Also please pray that God would touch their hearts and that they would have the faith and boldness to turn to the truth.

Thank you for praying.

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