Leaving for Morocco!

Betty and I are sitting in the Atlanta airport on our way to Morocco via London then on to Malaga, Spain, and then finally to Morocco to visit our friends there. I will have a good chance to speak and teach to the different missionaries and students on multiple occasions and so unlike some might think this is not a vacation trip however I guess in many ways my whole life is like a vacation.

Can you imagine working a job that is so much fun to you that you can’t believe that you are getting paid for it. That is how I feel about the ministry. Over all these years many have told me how much they admired me and even felt sorry for me being a missionary but maybe I better tell you that the most exciting life in the world is the life of serving Jesus Christ.

I loved being a missionary and I love being a pastor. Can you imagine pastoring a church where God allows you a church like Vision Baptist. Can you imagine getting to stand and teach and preach the greatest message that the world has ever seen. Well that is the privilege that I enjoy nearly every day of my life.

Well enough of praising God for what He is doing in my life and to ask you to pray for us as we travel and preach and teach. I will try to post regular updates here on the blog so I hope that you will be able to be with us. Comment on some of the postings to let me know that you are reading and following all that God will be doing.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving for Morocco!”

  1. We just want to let you know it is our priviledge to have you as our pastor and we will are praying for you guys that God will bless you with an amazing trip and safe travels back home.

  2. I could never tell you how much it means to me to pastor such a church. Thank you and David for all you do to build a great children’s ministry. I will be praying for our VBS that everyone will get involved inviting people and that it will just be a great VBS. Thank you

    I count it a great privilege to pastor such a wonderful church and great people like you all.

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