Pneumonia in Peru!

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Please pray for all our missionary kids as you read this but especially pray for Jacob. Thank you so much.

There have been at least 48 children in Peru die with pneumonia this year. As you in the states are getting into the summer months, we on the other side of the equator are getting into winter. No heating and air in the houses have made this winter a very difficult one. The thermometers in some places in Peru have gotten down to -4 degrees. There have been over 7000 cases of pneumonia in Peru this year.

Well it should be 7001 now. Jacob, was told that he had asthma but after taking treatments for a couple of days still couldn’t sleep, he would cough all through the night. We just left the house at 9:30 pm and took him to the emergency room. Peru is a beautiful place when it comes to emergency rooms, we don’t fill out papers for 4 hours normally, we actually take it like an emergency and get to taking care of the patient. We were out of there and back home at midnight. We had a doctors appointment and an xray and a nebulizer treatment and an IV put in him. Not bad for 2 1/2 hours. The doctor says that he has Bronchial Spasms right now, the beggining stages of pneumonia and Asthma. Needless to say he isn’t a happy camper.

The doctor let him go home but we have to go to the hospital 3 times a day for antibiotics for the first 3 days and then they will evaluate how he is doing. Pray for him that he gets better pretty quickly, trying to keep him down is going to be a chore.

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