Congratulations Mark and Amy Coffey!


Well Mark and Amy Coffey are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary. They are happy and blessed of God. I thank God for the opportunity to work with them here in our church. I have known Amy since she was a baby and I have known Mark since his early teen years. Mark and I have worked together now for years. When it was time to start the church I think that we both knew that we would be in this together. He has been there with me now for years step for step and i could never tell you how much I appreciate him.

He works behind the scenes. Whatever you see me do that seems to have been a blessing and a success the majority of that is due to Mark’s hard work. He plans my schedule. He sees to it that I am ready. He is a man of God and a great friend.

Our church is blessed to have him on our church staff as the Administrative Pastor. He has been greatly used of God up until now but his best days are yet to come. I have no idea of all the ways that we are going to see God use him.

Thank you Mark and Amy for being our friends. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. Thank you for your giving spirit. Thank you for the way that you can handle pressure and keep going. I want you to know today that I love you and admire you.

Amy, thank you for always being so giving of your time and your husband. Thank you for all of your sacrifice. Thank you for the wonderful lessons you teach the young ladies. Thank you for your desire to be used of God and to have a husband that is used of God. We love you very much and are very proud of you.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart and thank you on behalf of Vision Baptist Church.

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