Special need in Peru

Well I know that several missionaries and pastor friends read this blog on occasion and so I wanted to ask you to be in prayer with me about a very special need. Years ago I started a youth congress in Peru every year. At first it was real small and met in the first church that I started. Brother Tony Howeth would come and preach it for me. We had several hundred the first year with just a few from outside the city of Arequipa but each year it got bigger and bigger. More and more came from outside the city and even outside the country.

I had always given them a place to stay and their food bill while they were there with us. Today around 1200 usually come to the congress and it costs around $6,000. It is a wonderful time. Our youth pastor, Trent Cornwell, will be going down to preach this year.

The problem is that I am no longer in Peru. I no longer have a network of churches and missionaries to help with the congress. It all falls on Chris and the fellows that are still in Peru and I am not sure how much each of them are able to help. Needless to say Chris is over a barrel.

I wanted to ask you to be praying with me that all the funds could be raised and that God would just work a miracle in providing the money. If you are interested in helping you can send your offering to

Macedonia World Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

and mark it for the Peru Youth Congress–Chris Gardner.

I know that God can meet the need and that He will continue to do great things. Thank you for praying with me about this.

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