Redemption is deliverance through payment: in this case, ransom through one standing in another’s stead, and discharging that other’s obligations. Charles Spurgeon

The above quote gives us a good definition of redemption and is exactly what Jesus Christ did for us.

It is deliverance through payment. We owed the penalty of our sin. Our sins were taking us to hell and the lake of fire but Jesus laid down His life for us and through the payment of his sinless life He delivered us.

He paid our ransom in the taking of our place in our guilt and shame. When I could not pay He paid out of His love and grace. I could not be released if my debt were not paid but He paid my debt.

He discharged my obligations which He was under no obligation to do. He paid my bills simply from His goodness, mercy and grace. Today we are redeemed those that have accepted the free gift of salvation that is found only in Christ Jesus. We have had our debt satisfied. We have had our ransom paid. There are no obligations still held over me.

I am excited to have the chance to share with you tomorrow morning what the Bible says about Redemption. Invite a friend and let God do a work in their lives.

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