Don’t you get just a little tired of those grandparents!

I know what you are thinking–those grandparents and their pictures–I am really not that old of a grandparent but I sure am a proud one. Andria just sent me the following pictures or your missionary kids. Chris and Andria have 3 children, Jake, Hannah, and Andrew. Here they are–they must have gotten their looks from their mother and grandmother Gardner because neither I nor their daddy are that good looking:




Now I know that I am the too proud papa but ain’t that just cute!

I have been so blessed and honored to be the husband of the greatest woman on the earth, Betty, and the dad to the 4 greatest kids and then God gave us 10 wonderful grandkids of which you just saw 3.

I am looking forward to seeing each of you in the morning at 9:30 for a great Sunday School class and then preaching time.

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