Don’t forget to pray for our missionaries!

Chris and Andria Gardner are missionaries out of our church to the country of Peru. Peru is where Betty and I worked for 18 years of our lives. We know a little about the difficulties of life on the mission field but I wanted to remind you to pray for all of our missionaries but especially the ones that are members of our church

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This is from their blog

Jacob has Asthma

Be praying for Jacob, we just had to take him to the doctors, we thought he might have problems with pneumonia again. He has had full blown pneumonia twice already and so that is what it sounded like. The doctor saw him and said that it was asthma. He gave him a treatment and he seems to be doing better, he also gave us a long long list of things that he couldn’t be around. Kind of hard to do all they ask you to do in a third world country but anyway. He said that 50% of the kids outgrow it, we will see what happens. Pray for him that he would get a good nights sleep tonight, last night he coughed all night.

Then go read the blog to see where they are having political problems in Arequipa and how Chris’ trip went as he returned home. Be sure to click here to read their blog

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