Restoring the Repentant

Tonight will be our last message from the book of Judges. We will see how after such harsh punishment on the tribe of Benjamin that they are being restored as a tribe in Israel. This has to be one of the hardest chapters for me to understand and explain but I think I at last have a handle on something that will be a blessing to all of us as we see how to apply its truths to our lives.

I think that it is exciting to be a Bible preaching and teaching church. We have now finished another book of the Bible in our short life. Our church is still less than 2 years old and yet we have now been through James, I Timothy, Philippians, Joshua, and now Judges. Lord willing we will be starting the book of Acts next. This does not count that I know in two different adult classes that I know that they are studying the book of Romans.

We are people of the book. We desire to study the Bible and learn all that God has for us. Why don’t you invite your friends to a church that would really help them understand the Bible and learn how to apply it to their daily lives.

Not only that on Sunday morning we dive into the deep in a study of Redemption. Now that is not a word for the modern church since they seem to desire to dumb down the gospel but it is a great teaching for the people of God. We are going to have a great evening tonight and also on this coming Sunday.

By the way we are supposed to have 2 different missionaries with us tonight and some unusual special music. See you then.

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