I hope you will pray about helping the Peru Bible College

Our church already helps the Peru Bible College strongly every month. It is a great ministry and God is greatly using the College to plant churches. I hope as you read these posts each week that you will consider what you can do to help.


Miguel Mego
Student of the Week

Miguel’s life was full of rejection before he accepted Christ. He was raised by his grandparents and never met his father. Miguel moved to Arequipa, Peru after high school to work in construction. He had an unstable job and was alone with no one to help him. Miguel wanted to improve his life but he found himself continuing to do things that were ruining his life.

When Miguel was eighteen years old, he began to spend time with a friend from work who went to a Christian church. Miguel’s friend invited him to church and on his nineteenth birthday, he attended for the first time. A month later, Miguel accepted Christ as his Savior. God completely changed Miguel’s life. Later, at a Youth Congress, God called Miguel to preach. He joined the Bible College to begin preparing for the ministry soon thereafter.

Currently Miguel is in his final year of Bible College and plans to start a church after graduation. It is amazing how God can change lives. Please decide to support Miguel and other students through their last year of Bible College.

Read Miguel’s full testimony

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