Students of Vision: Discovery Class

By Kathy Fies

This is an exciting time of year at Students of Vision: Discovery (Junior High age group of Students of Vision Ministry). Now that we are out of school and are in the midst of two great weeks of camp at Faith Factor, we have new energy and excitement. I know the Lord is working in the lives of our young people.

I am also excited by the recent Promotion Sunday at Vision. Lauren, Kaitlyn, Adam, Tyler, Pablo, Santiago, Haiden, and Gerardo are recent additions to the class and have already been a tremendous blessing. We look forward over the next few weeks to decorating our class room and beginning a JV Visitation Outreach on Saturdays.

In the Students of Vision: Discovery Class, we focus on discovering basic Bible truths with the intention of making life decisions. Salvation, surrender and service are the three main pillars of our study. Our study currently is from key verses in II Timothy 2. Last week we studied II Timothy 2:11 and focused on salvation. We are also working on memorizing the books of the Bible.

Our class verse is Colossians 3:2, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Pray for our class as we seek to discovery what great things the Lord desires to do with our lives!

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