Alarming Statistics

I just read the following on a blog. I was shocked and see that our work is cut out for us in a great way here at Vision.

Of the “Builder” generation (those that fought in WWII), about 65% were Christians. Of the “Boomer” generation, about 35% were Christians. Of GenXers, about 15% are Christians. And of the youngest generation, it is estimated that only 4-8% are Christians.

I hope that all of you will rise to the occasion. We are in a crisis. Can you imagine seeing statistics like these above? We must move like we have never moved before. This is a call for you to give sacrificially, go sacrificially, serve the same way and give our lives to get the gospel message of Jesus Christ to our generation.

We have Vacation Bible School coming up and we are going to share the gospel with many of the youngest generation. We are starting AWANA for the same reason. Our youth department is working harder than ever and have great plans to get the gospel to the young people.

I am asking you to rise to this horrible crisis. We must do something. Go reread those statistics. Let them sink in. We must get to work. I know that I have seen much of this problem in the churches that I used to travel to as a missionary. Most churches are very old. At 50 I was often the youngest person in the auditorium. This is a great embarrassment to the cause of Christ and the status quo church.

Together we are going to try and get the gospel to our area and then around the world. We want to make a difference with our lives. No church as normal. We are in crisis mode.

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