North Africa Update 2

I’m sitting in a Tanger apartment, awaiting another fantastic meal of cous-cous.  We’ve been out meeting people and talking (trying to learn a little Arabic to make the rest of the trip easier).  I can now say succesfully in Arabic, “I’m learning Arabic and I started yesterday, but I’m not very smart.” as well as “I’m hungry.  Where’s a good restaurant? Would you like to go eat?” and “I would like some of that, how much is it?”

After we left Malaga we headed to Algaceras then took a ferry across  the strait of Gibralter to Ceuta.  We were able to pass out tons of material in this Spanish city.  We had a great time even though I almost missed the last bus for the night. 

The next morning we crossed the border into Morocco and spent the day at an old city within Tetuan and at a once-a-month Berber (flea) market.  We got to see the king’s palace and got a group picture out front.  Then we went to an overlook of this city of 1/2 million people and prayed over it.

In the evening we got a few taxis to take us to Tanger where we got settled in prayed over the city and got some well desired (perhaps deserved) rest.  We will be splitting our group up between a couple of different church services tomorrow and then we will go for an overnight train to Marrakesh.

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  1. Thank you so much for your reports. You have a church that loves you very much and is very proud of you. I want you to know that we are praying for you. I hope you will keep sending us updates via the blog. God bless. Tell all of our friends there that we love them.

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