Awana’s Is On The Way!!!!!!!!!

We will be starting the Awana’s Program this coming August. Awana’s is a
widely recognized name throughout the church community and has major
influence in bringing in the children. I believe this will help the
Children’s Ministry Program at Vision, however, we are not looking for a
ministry that will grow solely for the purpose of having large numbers,
rather a ministry that will grow children spiritually. We will also
emphasize the importance of missions in our Awana’s to teach children the
meaning and purpose of The Great Commission.

We will be starting the Awana’s Program this coming August during our
Thursday evening service beginning at 7:00pm

Pre registration will begin in July. If you already know that you would
like for your kids, grades Pre-K4 thru 6th, to attend, please contact Vision
Baptist Church at the phone number listed on the website which is 770=456=5881.

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2 thoughts on “Awana’s Is On The Way!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Could you help me I was wondering if awana offers a kit so you can look through and see what the material is like. we have a childrens program in our church all stars have had it for several years fill the need to change I know you don’t have anything with awana but i need someone to give me info on getting catalog or starter kit Can you help. Thank you carol mcknight

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