This is our first year having a VBS here at Vision. This years theme is GAME DAY. We feel that this theme finds a common interest with kids in this day and age of t-ball schedules and soccer games, at the same time, this is a great curriculum that does an amazing job of getting the message of Christ through to them. We will begin on July 16th and go through July 20th starting at 6:30 -9:00pm.

This program is the first step in reaching kids and leading them to Christ so they may grow and be the future leaders and teachers of Vision Baptist Church. Therefore the focus of this VBS is not only that of the children, but for the future of all ministries here at Vision.

Help us pray for the workers of VBS and that the Holy Ghost will touch those children that are in need of salvation through Jesus Christ.

We are looking to reach lost souls. So many Christian lives begin at a young age. This is such an impressionable time to reach these kids and I believe God has prepared us for such a time as this.

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