I can’t wait to see you Sunday

Well I have never shared my notes with you like I have this time but I really can’t wait to see you this Sunday morning at Vision. Sunday School as always will be great and I hope some of you might be interested in the Home Improvement class that I teach in my office so I hope that you will come and be with me and invite your friends.

But I am really excited about the message for Sunday morning. I am really scared because it is such an important subject and I failed so desperately at it. I love my children with all my heart and I know that I provoked them to wrath many times. I would like to help you first with the word of God but also help you not to fail like I did. I know we never intend to mess up this way. We always have the best of intentions but I needed more training, better training, and really Bible training about how to raise my children and I did not get it. I am going to do my best to help us all be better dads.

I love you men and I am excited that we have the word of God that can truly help us become all He meant for us to be.

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