Fathers attacked

John MacArthur wrote the following:

In many cases, fathers have abandoned their God-given role. A leading secular psychologist from the Menninger Clinic, Harold Voth, has written a provocative book called The Castrated Family. He presents the thesis that if the father is not the head of the family, there can be nothing but chaos. He says that the father is responsible for structure and form and for establishing the family standards, character, direction, and strength. And if he doesn’t do that, it castrates the family.

We know the fathers are being attacked. They’re being attacked when they’re diverted from their wives and children to fulfill their own desires, to be the macho man, and to be satisfied. They lose their concentration on loving the family, providing for the family, caring for the family, and offering them strength, stability, character, leadership, and solid teaching—bringing them up in things of God. Now, apart from Christ, we know that those things are impossible. But it’s sad to see that so many Christian fathers have become preoccupied with the television set, their business, making money, accumulating materials things, lusting after other women, and other things that tend to overthrow their priorities.

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