“Don’t wait for your opportunity, make it.”

I received this via email from John Pearson and thought it was good enough to share with all of you!

“Young men and women, why stand ye here all the day idle? Was the land all occupied before you were born? Has the earth ceased to yield its increase? Are the seats all taken? The positions all filled? The chances all gone? Are the resources of your country fully developed? Are the secrets of nature all mastered? Is there no way in which you can utilize these passing moments to improve yourself or benefit another? Is the competition of modern existence so fierce that you must be content to simply gain an honest living? Have you received the gift of life in this progressive age, where in all the experience of the past is garnered for your inspiration, merely that you may increase by one the sum total of purely animal existence?

“Don’t wait for your opportunity, make it.”

Orisen Swett Marden

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