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Well what a day. God really blessed us today with visitors from all over and an over all wonderful day. In the morning we looked at being a “But if not Christian” or in other words we will serve God regardless of what happens. He is Lord and we will trust Him.

You had the chance to meet my wonderful grandchildren. God has been so good to Betty and me! We have had over 33 years of wonderful marriage with 4 wonderful married children and 10 grandchildren. You got a chance to meet them today. I know that I am a bit prejudiced but I really love those young boys.

We made more plans for our teen program and I know that you are going to see God do great and wonderful things this year. Grab your seatbelt because God is going to up it all a notch or two.

Then tonight on what a night. You heard Larry tell about Crystal getting saved in California this morning! That is a great answer to prayer and I am so thankful to God for all that He has done.

After that you heard how we as a church are going to be helping Project North Africa. I was so glad to hear about so many of you signing up to get letters to Morocco that are filled with just the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I know that we will hear many great reports from souls saved and even in Heaven we will hear for all of eternity how God used these letters to get the message out!

Then what a story as Scott told us about a young man that accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. First fruits of our ministry to reach Muslims with the gospel right here in our backyard.

Now get everyone in the church signed up for the blog so that they can get it in their email because David Velke will be keeping us posted about how God is working in his life in Morocco and then in Burkina Faso. Will you promise to begin praying even now.

Well so much happened today that this is getting a little long but I know that several of you signed up to help our teens go to the Faith Factor camp. You are such a wonderful church and I love you so much. I am blessed and honored to pastor such a church. Thank you for helping the kids. This will be a great week.

After all of that I preached on our relationship with our spouse and I hope you were blessed to see how much you can learn from every page of God’s word! I hope you love the word of God as much as I do.

Well pray for us as we start our Faith Factor camp now and go into a very busy week again. Pray for Pastor Charles Blackstock as he and Lighthouse Baptist Church host this very special week.

Well I guess I sure loaded this post up with lots of information but things are happening in our church and it is exciting to see all that God is doing.

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