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Your support and interest in the Peru Bible College is much appreciated. Many of the students in the college are on scholarships provided by the college from supporters like you. Make a difference in a student’s life today by supporting the student fund of the Peru Bible College.

Luz was raised in Arequipa, Peru where she lived with her parents and six siblings. Growing up, Luz’s father spent all of the money he earned as a mechanic and their home was a place of arguments that sometimes became physically violent. After finishing high school, Luz moved away to Tacna to work as a babysitter. It was an exciting experience and she quickly got over her homesickness.

On one of her trips home, her sister Paola invited her to church. Luz went but was not interested in what the pastor had to say. God began to work in her heart, and after a few weeks of attending, Luz accepted Christ.

God changed Luz’s life in many ways. She learned to love and respect people, learned how to read her bible, and began to change her attitude. Her father did not agree with her choice to live a new life and tried to discourage her. A good friend at church encouraged Luz to join the Bible College, but she was scared to join. Finally, Paola heard about Luz’s desire to attend and encouraged her to join.

Luz joined the Bible College and is now preparing to do God’s work. She plans to serve in full time ministry with a pastor or missionary. Luz has a heart for the young girls in the city of Tacna. Luz is living by faith as she completes her last year of Bible College. Please read Luz’s personal testimony and consider giving a gift or regular donation to the student fund at the Peru Bible College.

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