Great day

Well we have finished our first full day of the Our Generation Leadership Conference. It has been a wonderful day! The missionaries that preached today were simply great. One young man who is attending for his first time made the comment as he left that He was sure talking a lot. He was referring to God dealing with his heart about the cause of world evangelism.

I have been so proud of our missionaries as they preach. They are literally preaching with tremendous power. We have heard from Jeremy Hall, Jason Holt, Tyler Masters, Kevin White, Tony Howeth, and then the men from our church Trent Cornwell, Mark Tolson, and others.

The music was tremendous tonight. I am so very proud of the people from our church and how God is using them.

Today was Spanish Evangelism and tomorrow we go visit Orientals. A Hindu Temple, a Buddhist temple and Chinese food is going to make for a wonderful day.

If you aren’t here you are missing it. We love having this event because it is the very heart of God. Pray for us tomorrow as we step it up another notch.

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  1. carrythecross

    God has done so many mighty things through events like these over the years and I know He is doing a great and mighty work now.

    May God prepare the hearts and stir the fire with in all the young people attending this meeting and all the days to follow. Let them all have the courage to step out and join the men and women that are turning the world upside down in this generation.

    Please continue to update all of us that are unable to attend. Our thoughts and prayers are with you even though we are not.

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