BCWE Leadership Conference!

This is going to be a wild and crazy week here at Vision Baptist Church. Students are coming in from all over the states to get involved in World Evangelism. Each day there will be different exciting ministries.

Tuesday we will go after the Spanish speaking population and tell them about Jesus, eat Mexican food, play soccer and then invite them to come to the services at Vision on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday we will visit a Buddhist temple as well as a Hindu temple. We will hear testimonies about how to reach Oriental people with the gospel message, we will eat Chinese food, and then have a wonderful service at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville.

Then on Thursday we will be going after Muslim people with the gospel message. We will visit a Mosque, eat Arabic food, invite them all to Vision and have a wonderful international banquet in the evening.

This is going to be a great week. I hope that those of you from our church will plan on being with us for the evening services. I hope that you will pray for us that God will do a work in our midst. God wants to raise up missionaries and to make a great difference around the world. Come and be part of it all!

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