Forsyth a leader in size of homes throughout U.S., census data reveals

by: Julie Arrington, staff writer

It’s no secret that Forsyth County’s population is quickly growing, but it appears that the homes are too.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey released last week ranks Forsyth County as second nationally for having homes with four or more bedrooms out of all counties in the U.S. with populations of more than 65,000.

Davis County, Utah came in first and Fayette County on metro Atlanta’s south side came in third.

Kathy Dill has worked as a realtor in Forsyth County for 12 years. She said bigger homes are definitely a trend in Forsyth County.

“Generally, even if people don’t have larger families they’re wanting larger homes to accommodate in-laws, home offices and that sort of thing, but there definitely does seem to be a higher demand for a four-or five-bedroom home,” she said.

Dill said another trend she has noticed is smaller lot sizes.

“People are wanting a bigger home. They’re wanting a smaller lot with less exterior maintenance and that sort of thing,” she said. “(They want) bigger amenities like pools, tennis courts and that sort of thing.”

Local developer Bryan Martin said he also has noticed a trend toward larger homes in the county.

“I don’t see it changing.” He said. “The land values have gotten so high that it takes that size house to warrant the lot cost.”

The data reflects numbers as of 2005 and shows that as of that year 20 percent of occupied homes in the country had four or more bedrooms.

According to information provided by the bureau, estimates for the American Community Survey are based on an annual, nationwide household sample of about 2.5 percent of the population per year and the data collected helps federal officials decide where to distribute more than $200 billion to state and local governments annually.

The data collected also shows that single-family homes were the most common housing type in 2005 and that apartments with 10 or more units were the second-most common overall.

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