David and Anne Lundy made a trip to Mexico

Our trip to Mexico was an eye opening experience. Juarez, Mexico has a population of 1.5 million people of which 30% are children under the age of 13. Because of this, we will be returning with a team in October to hold a vacation bible school/Children’s Blitz. The purpose of our trip this month was to see what we have to work with and how many children we will be dealing with. What we saw truley shocked us. Juarez is growing at a rate of 1500 homes per week. Each home house 5-10 people, of which at least half are children. In a 4 block area there are easily 600-700 children between the ages of 4-13. These numbers are astonishing when you realize there are only a handful of baptist churches in the city.

God has placed David and Angie Harper in the middle of all of this to take his Word to them. With their help, we were able to meet many children of whom touched our hearts deeply. They have such innocence about them. But many have felt the sting of poverty, molestation, etc… and unless they are raised in a christian home, it becomes a vicious cyle. We just want to be able to share Christ with them.

God is using David and Angie Harper in a great way, please remember them in your prayers as Angie has just finished her last radiation therapy and will be returning in July to see if her cancer has gone into remission.
We also require your prayers as it is illegal in Juarez to hold a public assembly unless you own the land. God has provided several families who are willing to host these meetings for us. Pray this will not cause an issue for them.

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