Great Saturday

Well today has just been one of those great days. We had a wonderful men’s meeting at 7 this morning. The men really got into the Word and understood that our purpose is to live to glorify and honor God. All the other things that we have our tools simply to honor God with. I enjoyed watching the Holy Spirit move in our people and deal with their hearts.

After that we went out to try and reach people. God really blessed as we went from door to door inviting people to our church and telling them about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. The people were so kind and receptive. The folks from our church were excited and talking to everyone. I thank each of you that are hungry to get the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community. I was excited and blessed to see you going from house to house talking to people, giving out literature, inviting them in both Spanish and English and praying and planning to pick them up.

I know that God is going to reward your labor of love. I know that as you pray and work God is going to build your ministry. I am proud and grateful to God for the privilege of being your pastor and friend.

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