Wonderful Sunday again!

God has so blessed our church. Yesterday was just one of those very special days when we see and feel the Spirit of God move among us in a very special way. Last night as 97 of us got together in our auditorium there was an air of expectancy. There over 25 people from the Spanish church and then the English church which has also been blessed by a great deal of diversity.

The entire service was translated from English to Spanish and back depending on who was doing the talking. It was great to hear the testimony of Miguel David as he shared with us what God had used him to tell about 2000 soccer players on the Saturday before. I thank God for Miguel and also for Trent who was able to work with him and prepare him for such a special task. Also I must thank Ronald for the way that he has allowed God to work in his life since he arrived last year.

It was a blessing to me to have Bob stop by the office before leaving to just thank me for such a special day and to tell me that he could feel God all over the place. Then this morning I got an email from Rhonda saying that the service was truly a blessing, mucho gracias. I love it when God works out such a wonderful time together. Several others also let me know just how much God was moving.

Then this morning as I was getting a haircut the lady, Vicki, that cuts my hair said that the young men from our church that come into her shop are just so special. She said that when they come in you can just feel God in the room. Thank you all for your love for God. Thank you all for your desire to serve our great God.

I also thought it was wonderful as we had the privilege of honoring our 3 graduating Seniors, Ryan, Michael, and Karissa. God has been so good to us in such a sort period of time.

He has allowed us to see great growth in numbers from 44 in Sunday School on this same Sunday last year to 95 this year but much more than that He has allowed their to be a real moving of His Spirit in the services. As the trio sang yesterday morning and again last night and stated that they couldn’t understand why God had been so good but that they knew that He had been good enough to save us and that by His wounds were are healed I thought the place was going to explode. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you church for all that God is allowing to happen.

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