Use your time wisely!

I was reminiscing today as I used my old Bible and found this poem also. I want to use my time for His honor and glory and I know that you do also!

I dreamed I’d received my summons
And it was time for me to go
I’d be going home to glory
And leave this vale of woe

At first I gave a joyful shout
Thinking of the joys I’d find
The streets of gold and treasures there
The mansion that is mine

Then I thought of all I’d left undone
Words of cheer I did not speak
The sick I’d failed to visit
The lost I’d failed to seek

My heart was filled with sorrow
Bitter tears of grief and shame
Because I’d been wasteful of my time
And failed to witness in His name

To wake and find it was a dream
Brought joy and peace within
I vowed I’d make good use of time
And use it to witness to men

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