Search me, O God……Psalm 139:23

In every heart there is a sort of throne. Who sits on yours—Self or the Lord Jesus Christ? Can you pretend to love Christ without exerting yourself for the spiritual welfare for those whom he died?

Do you give hard judgments on sins to which you have never been tempted, while you are full of excuses for your own?

Do you impute the lower motive in a case of ambiguous conduct instead of “hoping all things,” as love demands?

Can you recall six times in your life that you have ever denied yourself to the extent of real inconvenience for the love of God?

Do you come up to the Jewish standard of giving a tenth of your income to promote the work of God? Or have you been hindering the promotion of the gospel by robbing God? Do you try to find out subjects of agreement instead of aggravating the points on which you differ from around you?

Do you pretend to greater knowledge than you possess or take unworthy means to hide your ignorance or appropriate undeserved praise?

Can you be said really to believe in God when the presence of a human being is a greater restraint on your actions than the fact of God’s all seeing eye?

Have you thought how much greater is the shame you feel when a sin is discovered than when it was hidden from others although God saw it all the time?

Do you get real pleasure from your prayers, reading, and meditation on holy things; or do you get through them to satisfy the demands of conscience and are secretly glad when they are over?

Is there anybody you hate? Any person you don’t love? “He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.” I John 3:14.

Have you stolen another’s reputation? It is enough to make confession but you must do what you can to re–establish his reputation.

Lord bend that proud and stiff necked “I”
Help me to bow the neck and die
Beholding Him on Calvary
Who bowed His head for me

I was studying today from the Bible my parents gave me in 1970 and found this that I had written in the front cover of the Bible all those years ago. I thought you might enjoy meditating on it!

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