Men prepare your calendar!

The following things need to be on your calendar if you are one of the men that attend the Vision Baptist Church. We have several really great things planned for you:

June 16 from 4:30 to 7:00 we will have a Father Son Fish Fry. Please get that on your schedule and plan to be with us!

June 17 will be our Father’s Day service and I hope you will be with us and bring your own dad and your children.

October 4-6 we are planning on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip with all of our men!

December 27-29 we will be having our Winter Retreat in Gatlinburg. This is a family event and so we want you to take your entire family and have a wonderful time with all of us.

Make sure and mark your calendar now so that you will not have any conflicts later. You can get more details in the church office or by calling 770-456-5881.

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