Project North Africa’s Message of Hope Project!

Our missionary team to North Africa that so far consists of Tyler Masters, Aaron, and Cesar are asking for our help on several things.

I really want to ask as many of you as will to sign up for this ministry. These missionaries are all supported by our church. They are all very important to us and they fit right into our strategy for trying to get the gospel to the world. Please help. Call the church if you do not understand what to do or how to do it but I am asking God to give us 100% involvement. Those of you that read this should sign up immediately. God bless you and thank you!

One is that Cesar will be having to leave the country until they work out his visa unless a miracle happens and so we need your prayers for finances or for some very major open doors. Please make this a matter of prayer!

Now for something else that you can do to be very personally involved in reaching North Africa with the gospel message:

Ahmed received a letter in his mailbox explaining Christ. It angered him so much that he responded with a letter of his own. The response he received changed his life. He began learning and growing in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He was then met with, baptized, and is now preaching the gospel. He is even helping PNA now to follow up on people who are asking for New Testaments by internet.

I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity called “Message of Hope” to send the hope of Christ to thousands of mailboxes like Ahmed’s!

The Message

A letter has been prepared by a Palestinian convert to Christ. The thousands of addresses needed have been collected by the local believers in Morocco. 50 Individuals from 4 churches that support us have volunteered to send the letter from their homes (we need more!). A church in Southern Spain is preparing to help us handle all the response mail that will be directed to their PO Box. Our friend Michael Hajj at Arabic Bible Outreach Ministries has also been a huge part of getting this project underway. He has provided 10,000 Johns/Romans to use with those who respond.

Now we need your help! Our first printing is of 20,000 full color letters. The next phase will be 50,000 this fall. That means 70,000 homes holding almost ½ million people can be touched with hope if we’ll do our part! To do this first phase of the project we need 300 volunteers to help us mail these letter from their homes in the U.S. You will send 10 letter per month at a cost to you of 70 cents each. $7/month! Most of us loose more change than that every month. We have 50 volunteers and only need 150 more!

Click here to read the letter online!

How it works

Let me share with you how God can use this to see people saved and churches started:

A volunteer in America will receive a packet of 20 letters from us every two months with 20 addresses where he/she is going to mail that letter. When Said receives this letter in his mailbox he will have a clear explanation of the gospel in his home for the first time. Some, like Ahmed, will respond to our website or our prepaid phone or our mailing address with interest. Our team on the ground in North Africa will follow up on these contacts to see souls saved and churches planted. We wouldn’t last 5 minutes passing out tracts on the street but they will deliver the gospel straight to every mailbox for us!

Please consider being a volunteer! Sign up on our website right now and be one of the 300!

Click here to sign up to be a Message of Hope Volunteer

If you do not know how to use the web to sign up please feel free to call the church at 770-456-5881 and tell them you want to be part of this project.

Why by mail?

In many countries of the world the gospel is “illegal”. Man have declared in their laws the freedom that God has granted through Christ: to know the truth. Where God has said, “Whosover will” man has said, “Whosoever can’t!” under threat.

We can’t open a church building and put a large sign over it saying, “Every one welcome to Baptist Church!” We can’t pass out tracts on the street. To knock on doors in order to share the gospel would result in imprisonment and expulsion for the country. That means we have to find other means communicating the gospel to the masses. Once thousands read the message, some will respond to Christ’s call. You can help us find “whosoever will”!

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to minister in North Africa! Wow, what little effort it would take to make such a great impact on one of the areas of the world with the least amount of Gospel light. God Bless.

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  1. I want to encourage you to join this team. My family and I have already paid for the shipping of the John Romans books to the project. I see it as one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities we have. This is an intriguing plan and has great growth potential. We will be volunteers.

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