Over 100 at service in South Africa!

One of our missionary families, Kevin and Corli Hall, have just sent a very exciting report that you are really going to enjoy. They work in South Africa in a city called Port Elizabeth. Read the following and praise God for what He is doing:

Dear Friends and Family,

We wanted to let you all know how God blessed and answered prayers on Sunday! We know many have been praying and we want everyone that has been to know that God heard your prayers and is doing something special in South Africa!

On Sunday May 13, 2007…

We had the best service we have ever had at Madiba Bay Baptist Church!!! Since starting back we have passed out thousands of flyers door to door with little response. This past week we passed out a couple hundred flyers in celebration of Mother’s Day. We were going to give a very small, inexpensive gift to all mothers present. We came on Sunday packing very liitle faith. I personally was praying for 25 mothers to come but that wasn’t what God had in mind. God brought in right at 100 Xhosa people. Mothers and grandmothers brought their children and grandchildren. We had every age group represented. It was a fantastic service! I had a blast preaching/reading in isiXhosa and the people really seemed to be following along. At the end we had several come forward but they will need further counsel from the Word. We will be working hard to follow up and capitalize on this great day before Sunday. Many said the enjoyed the service and would be coming back.

This week we ask you to pray with us as we start our morning service. It will be a real challenge as I will be preparing more sermons in Xhosa which at this point is not something that is easy for me. Also ask God to follow-up on all the people that He brought to us this past Sunday. We want to do a great job of soul-winning, discipleship, and assimilation in the ministries of the church. God bless you all and we will look forward by faith to reporting on how God answers all these prayers by the end of the month!

For His Name Sake,

Kevin, Corli, and Clark Hall

For more information on the Hall family click here to read their web page!

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