The following quotes were sent out by Martin Wickens from Great Britain. I thought you would enjoy them:

“How is it that the world couldn’t get on with the holiest Man that ever lived and can get on with you and me? Are we compromised? Have we no righteousness that reflects on their corruption?” – Leonard Ravenhill

The following are by Spurgeon:

1. “If we would follow the Lord wholly, we must go right away into the wilderness of separation, and leave the Egypt of the carnal world behind us.”

2. “If there is no visible difference between you and the world, depend upon it there is no invisible difference.”

3. “Now, I have heard of some professed Christians, wanting to see, they said, the ways of the ungodly, going into low places of amusement, to spy out the land, to judge for themselves. Such conduct is dangerous and worse. My dear friends, I never found it necessary, in my ministry, to do anything of the kind, and yet I think I have had no small success in winning souls. I must confess, I should feel very much afraid to go into hell, to put my head between the lion’s jaws, for the sake of looking down his throat. I should think I was guilty of a gross presumption if I went into the company of the lewd and the profane to see what they were doing.”

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  1. In addition to those things that Spurgeon listed as risks is the inherent waste of time that it involves testing the things have already been proven.

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