Missionary letters to their mothers!

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day I think that you will enjoy reading a blog that came my way today. It contains letters written by Jim Elliot, Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael to their mothers. It is a little long but well worth your reading.

Here are just a couple snippets to get you really interested:

“I surely praised God for the way you both took my going. It is true that I know very little about how you feel at seeing me leave. All I understand is that it must be very keen, deep, and closely linked with all that this life involves for you. I pray for you whenever you come to mind, asking the ‘help that is from God’ for you both. You are as well a constant source of praise for all that you have given of yourselves for my sake. The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, but we must believe that whatever it involves, it is good, acceptable, and perfect.” Jim Elliot

Do not let anything unsettle you, dear Mother. Missionary work is indeed the noblest mortals can engage in… We certainly cannot be insensible to the ties of nature, but should we not rejoice when we have anything we can give up for the Saviour? You would be far more unsettled if I were to turn away from this work, and if the Lord were to withdraw His restraining grace and I fell into sin in consequence, would you not? It is all of His mercy that I am preserved from many of the pitfalls that ensnare other young men. Hudson Taylor

Read the rest by clicking here!

We love you mothers and especially those of you that have suffered as the mother of missionary as your son or daughter left to serve God in some foreign land!

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