Philadelphia Baptist Church

I am very excited about what God is doing with Pastor Eric Byrd at the brand new Philadelphia Baptist Church. The church is less than a year old and God is greatly blessing. I am so excited that men are rising up to start new fundamental Baptist Churches. I am headed out to eat with the Byrds and just want you to keep up with them in your prayers.

We are supporting them as missionaries as they begin the church. I pray that God will raise up at least 50 men from our church that He can use to start churches around the United States as well as another 100 families that will go out from our church to the world with the gospel message.

The work of God starts here with us. We must win souls and train them to serve God. I can’t wait to see all the great things God has planned for each of us and our church for His honor and glory. In just over a short year He has already been very good to us but I am sure that we have not seen anything yet.

We are already meeting with young men each week that know that God is planning sending around the world with the gospel message.

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