Excited about all God is doing!

God has been so good to us! As we looked over what God has done in our attendance we were thrilled. We were nearly double of what we had last year in April this past month. God has tremendously blessed us. There is still so much to do however. I pray that you will get excited about inviting your friends and telling them about what the Lord Jesus is doing in your life. I thank God for the chance to serve Him with you.

I look forward very much to what God is going to do with the Taubes as they go off to China. I look forward to being able to bless them and love them tonight. I thank God for the chance to be around great young men and women of God!

I am looking forward to what God is going to do in our Mother’s day banquet tomorrow and then what will be done on Sunday in the lives of all of our families. Don’t miss any of it.

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