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I just saw this quote and felt like it really went along with the message from last night. Read it and enjoy!

If you feel impelled to cry to God to give you the power to preach, the spiritual power, the power of the Holy Ghost; if you are impelled to teach in the Sunday school–and it’s not worth doing unless you feel that you are impelled to do it and sent to it–then pray for the power to win the souls of those dear children for Christ. If you feel called upon to write a letter to a friend tomorrow about his or her soul, do it because you feel called upon to do it; but pray to God to show you how to do it. Pray to Him to put the power into the words that you utter, that you may say the right words, and put the right tone into those words.

There is a good deal even to the tone of the preacher, “How shall they preach, except they be sent?” (Romans 10:15, KJV). They must be clothed with Divine power; but the Lord can clothe even a child with that power; he has often done it. He can clothe a humble Christian woman, who never spoke in public, with the power to win souls; He has often done it. First tarry at Jerusalem till you are endued with power from on high; and then go forth as Christ’s witnesses; for how shall you preach, except you be sent?

(Charles Spurgeon, At the Master’s Feet, May 7)

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