Missionary Keith Cullers

The opportunity that we had to be in the Philippines with Pastor Edmond Molinos came via Keith Cullers. Brother Cullers serves as the Far Eastern Field Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions. He has been a missionary to Taiwan now for over 22 years. He speaks Chinese very well and has a heart and love for Chinese people that is wonderful.

It was an honored to be invited by him to participate in this Macedonia Conference. He did a great job preaching in the conference and carried the great majority of the expense of the entire meeting. He has a great desire to get the gospel to the world and especially to Asia. Please pray for Keith and Jeanette Cullers as they minister to God in Taiwan and the Far East.

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  1. Some places draw a lot of missionary work. Taiwan is not one of them. It is a difficult place to work and a hard language to learn. Keith Cullers and his family are worthy of support, visits and definitely prayers. I enjoyed spending the week with Keith and look forward to hearing all that God will do in Asia through brother Keith.

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