Iloilo Baptist Church

I just wanted to give you a brief note about Missionary Rick Martin and the Iloilo Baptist Church. This past Sunday they were celebrating their 29th anniversary if I am not mistaken. I do not know how many they had in the morning but they had over 1,500 for the evening service when he allowed me to preach. The church runs between 5,000 and 7,000. Out of the church, its ministry, and Brother Martin they have seen over 750 churches started in many parts of the world. I was very impressed by the ministry and Brother Martin.

The Martins are very humble people even though they have experienced great blessings on their ministry over these many years. They lived on the church property literally in a bamboo frame house. I was so impressed by the sweet spirit, humility, and kindness of this family. I hope that some day you will be privileged to meet this dear family.

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