World Evangelism Committee to meet Sunday May 6

Well it is a little known fact but I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour on May 6, 1962 so tomorrow is my spiritual birthday. It is actually the most important day in my life because it is the day that I accepted the free gift of salvation from God through Jesus Christ. That really doesn’t have much to do with all that will happen tomorrow at our church but I just thought that I would share that tidbit with you. I was saved at the Wrigley Baptist Church in Wrigley, Tennessee. My pastor was Carlton Flowers who is now with the Lord. My parents had always raised me in church and I had heard the gospel hundreds of times. I thank God for parents that cared enough to have me under the sound of good Bible preaching literally all of my life. That is worth everything in the world. I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow on my spiritual birthday!

Tomorrow afternoon we will be having another meeting of our World Evangelism Committee. I will be explaining to you our missionary application process and it will be a real eye opener to you and help you to learn what we should look for in a missionary. After that we will look at ways that we are going to be able to serve and help our missionaries that are sent out by our church. These ideas that we will be looking at were given to me by Jacob Taube and they are great. I think that you are going to really enjoy this session. I sure hope that you have done all your home work as a part of this very important committee. I look forward to spending the afternoon with you.

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  1. That year was very special to me. Less than three months after that I was born. My first birth. That should help you understand how old our pastor is.

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